On a Business trip or just visiting Paris?

Need a moment to exhale? Busy from sightseeing, shopping or long working hours?

I will be delighted to offer you a break you will remember.

What to expect if you book a massage?

I'm an experienced masseur with a steady 8 year practice. I blend the use of two techniques : Myofascial Release Techniques (Deep Tissue Massage) and Ayurveda (an indian based medicine technique of massages based on the 7 Chakras). Both methods work hand in hand to bring you relief from stress and release muscle tension. I give a creative head-to-toe massage for optimum relaxation.

New :  I now offer cocooning sessions with the 2 hour (120min) with similar structure as the full body massage experience of 1 hour and 30 min. The only difference being the lengthened attention to the back (one full hour), legs, feet and head area. Throughout the session my goal will be comforting the feeling of letting go by taking care of tensions and ensuring that you will enjoy a real break.

Face care : in a combined treat I also offer facials (face masks) to clean, exfoliate and moisturize all types of skins at the end of the 2h30 session. 

How do I prepare ?

It is better to take a shower or a bath before receiving a massage. When it's possible I advice to heat up the room (1 hour prior to the meeting time) where you will be during the massage. Having 2 towels of average size ready is very helpful. I can come with clean towels if you warn me beforehand.

New : Full Body Scrub

Starting a massage with a deep cleansed skin is a very nice feeling. I combine maroccan organic black soap and a home made scrub with a mixture of essential oils for a smooth effective exfoliation.

I travel with my portable massage table (197 x 71 cm) Depending on where you are hosting a Uber Driver Fee will be estimated. For example if you are near the city center (Opera, Châtelet, Louvre) the fee is 10-15€.

What type of oil(s) do you use?

I only use certified organic oils and essential oils from french specialist "Aroma-zone.com" to manufacture my homemade balms.

I use a mixture of Grapeseed, coconut and Plum oil with ylang, orange, Patchouli, Lavender, Geranium, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Tea Tree, Grapefruit essential oils (<1%)

Do you travel anywhere around Paris? Can you give a massage at my location whether it is a Guest House, an Air BnB appartment or a Hotel? Can you host

Yes as long as you are close to the RER/Métro/Bus in the Ile de France Region. 

I can sometimes host in Paris near the city centre.

Making an appointment...

Very Easy! I give massages between 8 a.m and 9 p.m everyday (starting point of the massage)

write an email at lesmassagesdeleo@hotmail.com or on the contact form in the menu

or call +33-6-19-84-82-24

How do I pay? 

Cash. The price for a 1 hour and a half massage is 70€. For the 2 hour massage it is 90€. If you want a full care pack with waxing and massage, please write me for further information. Transport fees (10€-20€) may also be applicable especially for the massage table.

You can also purchase a TRANSCASH coupon from lottery retailers/smoke shops commonly named "Tabac" in France. To purchase a 50€ transcash coupon you will have to pay 54€. They usually take AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD.

Core values and genuine quality

I'm a warm person and I will try my best to make a suitable environment to make you feel at ease from the beginning and throughout the entire time dedictated to your well-being. You can ask me any question on "formulaire de contact" and I will answer you to the best of my ability. Ticklish, Shy, Back problems, anything is a good topic for a question.

I do not offer sexual services against any amount of money.

Nudity : I am fully dressed during the massage. The person receiving the massage is nude. I cover the parts that are not being massaged to keep them warm. For example when I'm massaging the back, the legs are covered with a towel.

Discretion : as a massage therapist I sometimes meet people who require their identity to be kept private for various reasons. Be assured, I keep my part of the bargain. For the same reason I have a guestbook where only your first name is needed. Check out "livre d'or" in the menu for comments on my services. 

Other services ...

I also offer a professional waxing service for men and women. If you have any questions on hair removal there is a contact form ("formulaire de contact") in the menu.

Even if you are a first timer I can assure that you will have a spick and span result ;)

The prices are shown in the "épilations" section below (at the bottom of the page)

For example the "Back, Sack and Crack" is 50€.

 4 Hand Massage Tutorial (1 hour each)

If you are visiting/travelling with your friend or partner i will be delighted to include each of you in a 4 hand massage routine. My 4 hand massage tutorial is a fun way to acquire massage tips. Beginners are most welcome. The price for 2 hours is 100€.

Line of organic products

(in development)

Face and body lotions



Lip balms

Eye Care (anti-puff)

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